Sunday, November 18, 2007

Its our Bloggiversary

***UPDATE*** Yes of course you can still answer the quiz. Just because someone has a response for every question doesn't mean they have the CORRECT response for every question. Hence why it is so long (smile). The first person to get them ALL right is one winner. Then I'll do a random pull of all the responses for the other winner. So do play along! ***UPDATE OVER***

Well...yesterday was. And I like to celebrate for long bouts of time so...

So let's have fun and go down memory lane shall we? Prizes are involved of course. And you'll even get a choice! Since most of the folks I know in my life are all about the scrappiness or about Target love, the choices are as follows:

If you are one of two winners (one for the fastest most correctest person on the quiz, the other from a random pull of commentors for the week), you can have either a big old box of scrap goodies (new stuff...I need to purge in a big way to pack up the scrap room already--even throw in an autographed copy of the "infamous HOF Volume 9" for you) OR you can have a $50 gift certificate to Target (hey...a dollar per question...that seems fair...or for just being really lucky).

The fine print:
If you both choose the Target gc, it will be split ($25 each) and I only have one copy of the HOF book left so first to claim that one once I declare the winners (I'll post winners at the same time) will get that.

So let the fun begin!
50. What was the name of the Seattle-based race I was the sore 3rd place loser in?
49. The highlight of any Portland trip is a journey over to what bookstore?
48. By what mode of transportation did my mom and my nephew return to El Paso after their summer visit to Seattle?
47. Where did Robert and I get our first Christmas tree from?
46. Where did I go on my "trip of a lifetime"?
45. What are the names of my other two public blogs?
44. What high school milestone did I reach and help plan out in 2006?
43. When I'm too lazy/busy/tired to blog, but HAVE to write, what do I do?
42. According to the other recruiters in Mississippi, how many MPH should you go on the Trace?
41. When is my birthday?
40. My boyfriend knows how to make me click. What camera did he get me for my 29th bday?
39. Who is Double Stuffed Oreo (no…not me!)
38. What kind of bed do I have (hint: think Hotels...)
37. On the camping trip with Robert and the ex-roommate we forgot an ax and something else. To haze the roommate, we stopped at McDonald’s and each picked up some what?
36. What is my favorite lunch meat?
35. Crisis management solidified my belief that money is to be spent not _____? [fill in the blank]
34. Running red lights is bad. On what date did I get krashed into?
33. You’ve never seen a sunset until you’ve seen an ______ _______ (two words) sunset.
32. What is the exact name of the wedding color combo that won out on my first ever blog poll? 31. Excluding Tibet, name three of the top 10 places I want to visit before I die
30. Which one of my family members is "far less likely to read my blog"?
29. What does a “vegetarian” such as myself eat at Daniel’s Broiler? (one of the four items noted in that post is fine)
28. What beach did I get proposed to on?
27. When I am on the road travelling for work, what collection of Robert's do I add to?
26. Why was I looking to move out of my apartment in 2005?
25. Am I an essential worker at my job?
24. I asked "Does Hell go with No?" when my car dealer quoted me $350 to fix what on my car?
23. What is the name of the restaurant (two words) that I call over to almost every day to order the exact same thing for lunch from David?
22. I once had a Christmas tree up until April fools day. List one of the dates in 2007 that I blogged about my neighbor’s tree that was still up.
21. After a dinner in Portland at Harrisons, what is the name of the place we listened to live jazz and wrote crayon incrypted love messages to each other playing hangman at?
20. What did we almost do all because we didn’t go to a puppy show?
19. In what airport (airport, not the city) could I not find a "mail slot" in?
18. The theme of my Tibet trip was: “OH my goodness!! There’s a ____ _____ and _____ _____!!” (two words for each).
17. On April 11, 2007, I went off the grid to do what?
16. If Janet Jackson had to do American Idol, So You Think You Can Dance or America’s Top Model…which one of the three did she tell Tyra she would do?
15. What is my favorite drink?
14. I told R if he loved “it” so much, he should just marry “it.” What is “it”?
13. At Bumbershoot who was the performer who had been my fave concert of the year up until that post?
12. How many other public blogs do I have?
11. During the August 24 crisis of hope, I was absolutely, most of all too ________.
10. What is Robert’s first choice for a reception venue for our wedding?
9. My first husband thought it was necessary to ______ and to get ______ to create art.
8. On what date did I get engaged? (be careful on this one…)
7. In the battle of Starbucks and Dunkin Donuts, do I prefer Starbucks croissants or Dunkin Donuts croissant sandwiches?
6. What do I love abou the three hour time difference on the east coast while I'm there?
5. What are the two cities we are deciding between for New Year’s Eve (NYE) 2007?
4. My blog byline is “Just some color in some ________”
3. What shoes do I wear with my orange wooly jumper to the fancy ball?
2. What is my Chinese zodiac year?
1. Name one of my two fave authors (listed by name, not inferred from a book) or two of my favorite movies

You have until next Sunday to play. Even if you just answer one of the questions, you'll be entered for the random drawing. I'd suggest you copy and paste the questions into like a word document, get all your answers that you're going to attempt together and then post in one posting so that:
a. other's won't poach your answers
b. I can see that you did more than one or two questions.

Regardless, be sure to leave in your post your full first name and last initial and to come back and check next Sunday evening to see if you won just in case I can't track you down via blogger.

Good luck! Have fun. Learn something new!


Anonymous said...

50. Seattle’s Pretty Darn Good Race
49. Powell’s
48. Bus
47. Ikea
46. China
45. B3*bold**beautiful**brainy* and Shots fired.
44. 10 year high school reunion.
43. Make a top 10 list.
42. 49 MPH
41. December 4th
40. Canon Power Shoot SD700
39. Your nephew’s hamster.
38. Westin Heavenly bed.
37. Ketchup
36. Pesto Chicken Breast
35. Horded.
34. May 15, 2006
33. Oregon coastal
32. Dark Chocolate brown and sky blue.
31. Scotland, Middle East Gaza Strip, and Italy
30. Your mother.
29. Spinach salad, lobster bisque, balsamic mushrooms, and crème brule.
28. Baker Beach.
27. His post card collection.
26. You were having major toilet problems.
25. No, you are non-essential.
24. Your brakes.
23. Ginger Lime.
22. March 20th, 2007.
21. Brasserie Montemarte.
20. Buy a “grown up” house!
19. Dulles
18. Western toilet and running water.
17. Go to Tibet.
16. American Idol.
15. Water with lemon, and lots of lemon, and you also put Jones Crème soda.
14. Rainbow sherbet.
13. Sean Paul.
12. 2 other public blogs.
11. Scared.
10. World Trade Center, Seattle.
9. Drink and cheifed.
8. Oct. 5th 2007.
7. You prefer Dunkin donuts croissant sandwiches!
6. You love being 3 hours ahead, as opposed to being 3 hours behind.
5. Seattle and
4. Whiteness.
3. Your glass slippers.
2. Snake.
1. David Sedaris.

Okay, I hope I got them all right, because I took over 3 hours checking to make sure I got all of this right!! But this was really fun, kind of like a hide and seek! lol

--Christina W.
aka. TinaLynn510 @ SIStv

Anonymous said...

5. Philly or NYC
17. Get on a plane to Tibet?? (not sure if this one is right or not. I am confused. lol)
19. Washington Dulles International Airport in Dulles, Virgina.
26. Problems with things in your apartment and your landlord.

Those are the one's I was questioning. LOL... I probably corrected one's that weren't wrong, with my luck!

Oh well, I tried, right?

--Christina W.
aka. TinaLynn510 @ SIStv

Tara said...

7. Dunkin Dounuts
19. Dulles
28. Baker Beach
32. Chocolate brown and sky blue
41. Dec. 4

Traci Keriazakos said...

Man now if I answer most of those it will look like I cheated from everyone else!
NO fair!!!! LOL!


Miss you B! Jan is getting here fast! Keeping my fingers crossed we can get together.

Traci Keriazakos said...

46 Tibet
14 Rainbow Sherbert

Giordano's Stuff Pizza is your absolutely FAVE pizza in the entire world. ;p