Monday, November 05, 2007


Is it really an update if you don't really write much more than enough to call it an update so that you can check off blogging from your to do list? I think not. So I'll give you a list (since it is all about lists today):

In no particular order:

10. I LOVE to scrapbook
9. I love when my bills are paid and I still got money in the bank
8. I love being home. More specifically, in my Westin bed.
7. Window Live Beta. I LoVe it. But I'm not using it this moment.
6. Wedding planning is swell. Uh huh.
5. Philly or NYC. For NYE. Guess that one turned out to be a no-brainer after all.
4. I still have LOTS of clothes to fold.
3. But I finally dropped my suits off at the drycleaners
2. Just a tiny bit more real work to do tonight.
1. I get to be part of the "voice" of america. Better hope I'm shopping right.

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