Friday, November 02, 2007

And How it went down (real life)

I long ago I said I'd tell ya how it went down. And to that, here we go!

So...I was out in upstate NY and he had planned to come out to the Bay Area last weekend so that we could see each other sometime between August 31 and November 5. Of course, I get to the Syracuse airport on Friday morning at o' dark 30 and they tell me my flight is delayed and bordering on canceled. I'm weeping cause that means less time with Robert, but I finally get on a plane and get to SFO in time to still fulfill his Friday night plans.

He's there to meet me and in hindsight, totally freaking out. I mean he's in touch with his emotions and all, but he's more the logical, have fun, don't get all mushy type. He was all loving up on me, huggin' me, staring at me in the the point that I actually say "WHY are you looking at me??" and he's like "Dude, cause I miss you."

San Francisco lunch alternativeSo we try to go to lunch at his fave place downtown, they're closed won't open again until dinner, I suggest we come back, he says not an option. Okay Mr. Flexible is being really rigid...clueless, I think nothing of it. We stop into this other Chinese food joint and my shiny forehead makes an appearance.

We finally find some food and then we do the whole "this is where I lived/worked tour" and finally we get all set and head over to Baker Beach to take sunset shots of the Golden Gate Bridge before going out to take some photos of the city on Friday night before most of the lights go out in the office buildings for the weekend.

At the Bridge

We're snapping away, working our way towards the bridge--him doing his thing, me doing mine. Finally, he puts down his camera, comes over, hugs me and is all "I so totally love you and you have to promise not to laugh". which of course, every time he says that, I get a huge grin on my face cause I know that means he made me something. I promise, he sits me down and it goes like this:

Him: You know, travel season has been hard on us this year and I just really wanted you to know how much I love and appreciate you so...please don't be mad but I went into your scrap room.

Me: You must TOTALLY love me if you dared to venture into that place.

Him: I know huh? Anyhow, I made you this scrapbook. [totally all shy about giving it to me]

Me: [totally and utterly SHOCKED, tear probably glistening in my eye] WOW! [opens up the book] WOW! You are just too adorable and I can't believe you made me a whole scrapbook!

Him: I know it is nothing like your scrap skills, but I hope you like it. Why don't you read it out loud to me.

Me: [still psyched that he friggin got out the actual scrap supplies and made me a scrapbook] Okay...starts reading...

Him: [probably a bit agitated that the sun is totally going down and I'm taking like 4 hours to reminisce over every picture in the book...]

Me: Get to the last page. It reads "Will you marry me" [think to self, I must love this boy to not even care that he just used up my last Thickers to make this page...oh this must be a hypothetical question...I mean, we've kinda talked about this before...oblivious to the fact that the guy is actually in FRONT OF ME, with this gorgeous ring in front of him] Finally look up, see him. See the ring. He says I threw the book at that point. I contend that I gently placed it down beside me so that I wouldn't get tears and snot all over it cause I freaked out when I realized this was "for real."

Him: "Will you Marry me?"

Me: "Are you serious?!"

Him: "Uh yeah, I'm serious"

Me: Crying like a big old baby (I'm totally NOT the emotional type, no idea WHAT came over me)

Him: [wondering if those are tears of joy, tears of despair...what is going ON here?!]

Me: [finally] Yes, of course I will. Babbled something else that I don't recall at all.

No, we got no pics of this (he got a pic of me before, I got a pic of him the day after telling his mom...but no during although there were a bagillion photographers on the beach).

Picture 075Yes I still have the scrapbook. Nope, I promised not to share it for less than 20 million dollars. Or something like that.

That's how it went down. I still smile ear to ear just THINKING about that Friday night in October at sunset. See...I told you I loved October Afternoons (wink)!

He's a keeper. Totally. I'm so lucky to be in love with such an amazing person. And to be loved in return. Man even almost a month later I still can't believe we're actually going to be married. Really!


milkcan said...

What a lovely and romantic story!

Natasja said...

Owww so cute he made you a scrapbook!!!
Your story made me smile (espec the part you now freakin out about him using your last thickers, hihi)

Congrats girl!!!

Natasja Verbeek

Tami said...

what a story. xo. glad you are well.

Lisa said...

oh what a sweet story! congratulations!

ChrisS said...

Awh Bernadette.. you guys make SUCH a cute couple!! So happy for you both!

Korbyn said...

Aw What a great engagement!!! Congrats B!

Heather said...

What a beautiful story! And any man that will venture into his woman's scrap space is brave!

Kristin said...

This is absolutely adorable. My brother used a scrapbook to propose to his girlfriend but I made it for him. We made a BIG pillow on the last page and stuck the ring box in...for three whole minutes she stared at the page facing the pillow not even noticing her ring!

IF you want to see what I made, I will share!

*reyanna* said...

I have been SO waiting for this ever since I read your journaling in HOF! Love that you posted it. Awesome, awesome! Made me all giddy inside, and I only know you from your blogs and layouts. LOL. Congratulations!

Melanie said...

AWWW....B! Love that!