Thursday, November 08, 2007

Color Me What?

Oh that oh so fun time has come. Time to choose wedding colors. No. Still don't have a date. Or a theme. Or a place really yet. But I feel like I might have a bit of a sense of accomplishment (and be able to narrow down the bagillion choices out there) if I had some direction. Without further ado...some swatches. Played around on colorlovers and here are a few combos I was feeling:

Deep chocolate brown & sky blue

Brightly bold red & caramel brown

Pure black & carribean blue

Wheat & Sailor Blue

Deep blue sky blue & grass green

Pure Black and Scarlet Red:

For the moment. And my favoritest color isn't anywhere in sight. Nor is my fave color combo. We shall see. What's your pick so far? Take the poll to the left and be counted!


susan opel said...

I voted for the blue and green combo! Totally DIG it!

ChrisS said...

I love the chocolate and sky blue -love that combo! The last wedding I did the photgraphy for was chocolate and pink, that looked great too!

Trynity said...


I think you would look stunning in a white gown with some teal blue & chocolate gowns surrounding you..

but whatever you chose I know you are going to be radiant on your big day..

congrats again..

Eminepala said...

I voted for the first one.

I think it looks really elegant. You will definetely shine that day. congrats again bernadette