Saturday, November 17, 2007


...they finally turned off the water. Out my back window, there's the UFO (aka water tower). There's this long long LONG stretch of hose they have rung up out there that had water pouring from it for the past half of forever. I looked out today and finally it is off. Hmmm.

But I digress.

Sad to say it but it is looking like one of my fave options is going to be a no go. I mean, I don't understand why it is so hard to do the simple things (ie, a price list so that I can even figure out if you are in my budget) so I'm quickly warming to some other ideas.

Today, I go on a scavenger hunt for the oh so ellusive bit of something for my invites. Yesterday, we got two breaths away from locking in a date. Talk about exciting!

No more recruiting for me for the year, lots of time to be home and get stuff done. In Mike's the other day I found the CUTEST centerpiece dealio. I'm so going to rock just wait after Christmas sales...I know where all the Mike's are. But speaking of post holiday sales--I just scored a bunch of stuff (for all of $12) on the after fall sale. Brown and blue...brown and blue. Just have to wait for the after spring sales for the blue part.

Back to cleaning. This room is a hot mess.

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