Sunday, December 02, 2007

And really...

...just when I was going to give up hope (and, admittedly faith) we had a chat session, some emails went out and some pretty quick responses came back. Now to just figure out what really can and can't be done. I'm giving it until the end of the week and then I'm moving on.

In the meantime, last night, when we were in Target wonderland watching his eyes light up at all the choices for Christmas light timers and dimmer switches, we stood in line to hear one of the clerks practically scream out "Oh my God it is snowing!"

And by golly it was. Pretty hard at that. It was a beautiful sight. The grocery bill at safeway, not so beautiful, but I love produce. Love it. And love cooking for him too. So we had (I know I know...the food entry) Bison meatloaf, mashed potatoes (extra creamy because we managed NOT to get milk but had a ton of cream--light and heavy--on hand) and steamed asparagus. With hollandaise sauce.

Curled up so that I could watch 7 years in Tibet. Of course I fell asleep. But I did watch Meet Joe Black today. One of his fave movies. That was good.

I've needed some good lately. Bit of a heavy heart for some family folks who I wish that I could do so much more for. How I wish.

Fastforward to Sunday night. I learned how to tie a Windsor knot, saw him dressed up totally spiffyfied for church today, got some really cute little ATC cards done for some really cute (and special) gals, made green chicken (and green onion) enchiladas with the fixins, happy that the Seahawks beat the Eagles (hiss Philly--go cowboys!). Kind of heartbroken that Washington lost the way they did. Football has been kinda blah for me lately. In a "good" way if that is possible. Didn't get to go out to see the Thursday night game cause of some other stuff we were dealing with but with all the uhhhggg, there came some amazing stuff out of that too so no complaints anymore. Thanksgiving's Cowboys game was sad...hard to watch them whip up on a team that ain't that good and we don't have a long held hatred of.

Anyhow...thanks Traci for the Packers card (smile). And you know what? I didn't even think to ask you but you know how I missed the Thursday night game for some amazing (stupid) stunt? I should have asked you if you had a working VCR you could spare (smile).

Bed time. Ish.

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