Tuesday, December 04, 2007

I do thee wed

So the choices are starting to get a bit out of hand. At least I FINALLY got through to the coordinator at our church (she was out from surgery and doing much better now) and have a bit more sense of control over what is going on there. But in typical retentive fashion, I need options.

That said, We can do our church if it isn't on the 26th. Otherwise, here are potential other options. Of course, you know this means poll time.

Our first choice place, but last choice date (June in Seattle, can you say rainy??) would be our home church which is Trinity Episcopal:

You can see great photos of the exterior here and here with great overall shots by Dale here.

Another choice we're thinking about is Fauntleroy (really great shot here and a really great sketch of the exterior here. Note the photographer...that's another poll to come).

And another choice is Bastyr (great overall shot here).

We go to see Bastyr this Sunday before church. We go to Trinity and I've been by Fauntleroy and think a West Seattle wedding would be totally cool. We shall see.

I think this calls for a poll. Take a peak, pick your pickings. So far you've helped me pick colors and I've narrowed reception options. Might need to research a couple more reception spots with holds falling off as we try to get the ceremony place re-settled (thought it was a done deal at Trinity only to see...), but so far, I'm kinda calm about it all.

Take the poll. And I'll even throw up another before this one ends so you can confirm, I mean (smile) help me pick a top choice for photographer.

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