Thursday, December 27, 2007

So here I sit...

...on the verge of 2008. Blogging. Ish. I packed. I only have 7 more things on my to do list that I might do...onlky one of them that I have to do before this year ends. The rest can wait. Like making a resolutions list to resolve to not "wait" on forever to get things done. Yeah.

So life is great. But let me tell you this...if ONLY Comcast had some competition in my hood.

Today, I took one step closer to officially becoming Mrs. We combined our phone plan back on my birthday but I just got around today to cancelling it. I was with Sprint for almost a decade. So they were shocked beyond all shocked that I would out of the blue want to cancel. I mean Ms.'ve put up with our jacked rates, crazy new fees on text messaging and refusal to give you a new phone because you were an old customer for gosh...almost a DECADE now. Why don't we give you a new lower plan and a new phone and clall it good? I've tried for EVER to get a new phone from you folks for nothing but my loyalty. Even offered to pay out of pocket as a gesture of further loyalty so long as you'd reimburse me. Nope. Only new suckers...I mean customers...get that pleasure. So...he flipped out that I said "yeah no, I'm gonna be a Mrs. and he likes his service (bold faced LIE--all cell service state side SUCKS) so we're family planning up over there. With my new phone. And his new phone too." Are you sure? We can give you more minutes or something. Yeah, cause all the minutes I've NEVER used on my plan because I have an old OLD phone that doesn't work or take a charge anymore will work well with all those extra minutes.

And then there was the car insurance.

Progressive is pretty upfront about the fact that they stick it to you. And they try to make you feel informed with other insurance quotes from other similiarly pricey folks who will also stick it to you. When I called to cancel with them, they were all "but why?" well...I'm getting married and it is significantly CHEAPER for me to get coverage through his policy. weren't a 3 year customer when we quoted you back in October so now you are and we can really drop it down. I told him he couldn't get it low enough. He said "well how much were you quoted?" A number you can't possibly match. Because if you COULD and you charged me for three years at the RIDICULOUS rate you charged me and all of a sudden a phone call to cancel results in anything near what I WILL be paying now, I'm just going to be even more mad and you'll have gone through all that work for nothing. Finally got off telling him I'm paying closer to $0 than $100 per month (I suck at math by the way) and that I preferred not to tell him with who. Did end up telling him I got the same amount of coverage and I was fine. That burned him up. So I said sorry and have a great day. He was pissed.

Now to call the cable company and move on from them. Unfortunately, there is no one "else" to go through so they'll just say "have a nice boring no tv life...enjoy that HD DVD player" when I tell them I'm going elsewhere. Maybe I should read more...

Happy new year early!

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*reyanna* said...

Thanks for the laugh this morning! I love pissing off customer service guys. :)