Tuesday, December 18, 2007

And I quote...

" Well. It depends on how stupid you are."

Did I mention I love him and I can't stop laughing about that one line?

You see. He is a "let's do it now and get it over with" kind of guy. I'm a "I need to get to that eventually" kind of girl. Which means that when I ask him to impart some of his super genius on me, yet I'm in the middle of planning out a "reception" meal, when he asks "Do you want me to show you now?" and I respond "Well...how long will it take?" these are the kinds of responses I get.

And I love him for it. Cause you don't know this, but it was said in the same loving way that he tells me things like how ducks mate for life and how "Pirates" are cool and how I look up and he's doing something he shouldn't be and he has this look on his face of "Uhhhmmm...nothing dear!" that I know means trouble. Maybe tonight. After my heart is broken at the slightly within budget place.

I think we have a photographer. I think we have a church. I know we have at least one reception option on lock. Really...it's coming up so soon!

1 comment:

kim brimhall said...

we are exactly the same way.

he's a go getter.
im a get to itter.