Thursday, December 13, 2007

So plan C

On the photographers. One of your faves (and our's too) Cory is no longer available for our date.

That's right...our date (smile).

We FINALLY set a date for 2008. Want to know it? I know...such a tease.

In any event, Cory isn't available, but he suggested we look at Joe & Jill. To that, I think a new poll is in order.

We're meeting with the Pope's (Gerald and Arika) tonight I think. I've got a call into J&J and I'm waiting on the last photographer to get back to me as well.

As for the reception, with the date we finally got, WTC wasn't available so...alas. I think I also mentioned that Palace Ballroom has a minimum equivalent to our entire budget for a July wedding so we're not going with them either. Off of our original list there, that leaves Canlis (probably also not available by about now, but maybe) and we've revisited Kaspars. Views are not great, but it all of a sudden looks more workable. Funny how that works out eh?

Anyhow...photographers. I'll add a new poll to the right. You can check out Joe and Jill and click on their site. Lots of great eye candy going on there.

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