Friday, December 07, 2007

Every Scrapbooker's Dream...

...part of wedding planning that is. Photographer selection. This poll won't be so set in stone because of that whole pesky date thing, but if a girl is dreaming...we might well have fun right?

So the photography choices so far are thus:

Cory Paris (click on weddings--he has flickr stuff you can find via google too)
Gerald Pope (click on the website link to go to the gorgeous photos)
Glen Johnson (bit cumbersome, image shows are in upper left corner tab)

We've met with Cory and he's the coolest dude--totally excited about wedding photography, passionate about it and it shows.

Robert found Gerald and I have to say I'm totally in love. Budget aside of course.

And in a qucik search because I wanted to post three options (smile) came across Glen. Really attracted to the details and read one wedding story which is pretty much what we're doing...non traditional stuff so know he'd be comfy in the setting.

Course, once we add the church into the mix and everything, we'll likely have to have another photographer poll (smile), but till then...pick away!


Bonafyde said...

I have to say they are all profoundly talented in their own right, but the one whose portfolio I found to be just all around spectacular and well rounded has got to be Gerald Pope! Every single one of his pictures has just this extra ooomph, this amazing perspective, vividness and when needed subtle dreaminess. The picture of the man with the sunglasses and the bride and wedding party reflected in it totally took my breath away, what an amazing and inventive shot!

No matter what you choose out of the three I'd say you will get amazing pictures...I just feel with Gerald Pope you will also be getting pictures that showcase amazing stories...which of course to a scrapbooker is sooooooo KEY! HTH and congrats on the future wedding!

kim brimhall said...

i really liked gerald's page. that would be my choice!