Tuesday, October 21, 2008

What the? Oh no. Slow. it. down.

I missed reading Time magazine. There was a really great piece by:

Ta-Nehisi Coates who wrote The Beautiful Struggle and has an amazing blog that somehow managed to stay off my bloglines list for way too long. He writes for the Atlantic and if I was a good blog linker, I'd have my brothers and sisters all linked up and I wouldn't have to tell you nothing about Mr. Coates.  But that is not the point.

Here's the Time Viewpoint that I ripped out and posted on my wall.

On an absolutely unrelated note:

And are you kidding me?  Have you SEEN THIS? Oh that is just disgusting.  Showy, pitiful and disgusting.  I remember watching Omarosa on Celebrity Apprentice (and. what.) and wondering if she ever looks back on those episodes and winces with embarrassment and what she sees.  Surely.  She does.  Right?  These women, that's a whole new kind of H.A.M.  And this is coming from a girl with admittedly almost skewed ideas of what going to a certain school and working in a certain part of town would be like.  This is a girl who won't never role with a baller (too smart for that, not knocking, just givin' the real on why that didn't work out) but who knows her fair share of girls who give to get.

I've never thought I'd marry rich.  I didn't go to Cornell to get my W. Ed on and I didn't date the guys I dated because they were the big fish in the pond.  Honestly, (smile) most of the guys I dated were just sheer dumb naivete.  Oh that ain't fair.  I know.  Whatever. It is what it is.  All that is to say when I got to a point where I thought all that was left in a relationship was the paycheck, I bounced.  I got my own.  Not a lot of it, but I get by.  I can buy my own car, get my own place, buy my own clothes and do my thing.  I get by. Now I'm married so I don't have to get my own, but that is also not the point.

That hot mess I linked to up there?  Some of those folks need serious help. Seriously.

I think for a week, I'm going to pretend like I'm all that matters in the world.  Okay.  I couldn't do that. I think my better half's comment was "Imagine all the good you could do in the world with that kind of money."

Okay.  Moving on.

Rachel--don't make me talk about you.  And if you tell Crystal my middle name, I will cut you.  Or tell Liisa all my business first.  Your pick.  And watch me.

I've gotta knock out some pages.  I stay up all night and I have maybe 4 pages done (hybrid will be the death of me).  He stays home one day and not only knocks out a lightbox for me (get to play with that tomorrow) but ALSO customizes my friggin' closet.  That boy is such a keeper.  And he don't even know it. But he does know my name (smile).  Liisa...stop it.  You too Rachel.

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