Friday, October 31, 2008


Republican. crazy. ham. scrapbooker. reader. boss.

Just free flowing ya'll. And sometimes the label doesn't fit, is unnecessary or whatever. like dude. But really?

I'm reading (way too much lately, clearly) and came across a lis tof potential staffers for an Obama White House. Course I didn't go anywhere near a list for potential McCain White House, but that would be interesting reading after this:

"Dems in the know" are seriously letting leak that Obama is considering Republicans for Education and Environment posts? Now. I know. Labels. But really. Commerce...defense...commerce...and did I mention defense? Would not have batted an eye. But I've just been conditioned to believe - despite the fact that I live in WA where labels are RARELY what they seem - that if you like the environment/public lands and you want to do something meaningful about education (and health care and...) that you don't put Republicans in charge of that kind of stuff. They like (and are good at) things like commerce and defense. Oh and commerce. Comfy with Republican staffers there. But education and environmental issues? I have not dropped my ballot yet. Maybe that is a good thing.

But what is truly a good thing is how small this world is. I went to the state Dem convention this year and got to meet lots of "everyday, ordinary people". Some of them I even saw on said list of potential White House staffers. Maybe I'm the only geek that thinks that is cool. Probably.

Walking tomorrow. Flying on Tuesday. Fired up and ready to go.

back to scrapbooking while my own homemade HAM watches Saw Bazillionandseven. Right after War, Inc which, by the way, was the stupidest movie I have ever watched. Even worse than dude wandering through the woods to the big white house. whatever the heck that was.

Crazy is out in full force lately though. Rebecca--did you take all the candy off my porch??

I'll stop.

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ChrisS said...

I totally agree with you on the republicans and education/environment. Maybe he'll reconsider??? Let's hope so.

I'll make sure I have that movie :) thanks for the tip off!