Sunday, October 26, 2008

A Red Bull Morning

And that's about all I have to say about last night.  H.A.M.

Nichole, we totally have to scope out the Thai place in Bothell.  I owe you at least that.  Really now.

So three quarters of agonizingly tedious college football.  Now.  I didn't go to any kind of football school.  That is a given.  My better half did.  Well, for grad school.

So we donned our white and headed to Sport to join the Penn State crowd to watch the most boring football game I have ever witnessed.  That is until the boys got up for a smoke break and all hell (literally!) broke loose.  He was right though--the team with the mistake was going to be the loser.  Who just knew it would take until the end of the game for that to play out.

All in all, we didn't leave any nice girls in the hood, it's a beautiful blue sky afternoon and I'll just have to atone for it all next week.

Tomorrow he starts a new gig right up the street from where I work.  I actually am looking forward to working pretty close to each other and maybe (more definitely if we're smart about it...and I can drag myself out of bed that early) carpooling together.

More to come.  In the midst of some great pages, need to grocery shop and should maybe find some time (it is almost 2 after all) to wash my hair this weekend.  Uhg.

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