Thursday, October 16, 2008

March? How about November...and May

Gotcha on the calendar for March T. I should look up NASPA, but shoot me some dates...I should be golden.

November child (you, Ms. NYC) it is what it is. Alas. 30 though eh? Are we REALLY that old? Come on now...

I should totally blog more often. Whatever. Yes. I'm on the whatever kick because Alex is back in my life. For the fleeting glimpse of a moment. I think the ball is back in my court and I was supposed to email him back about my life or something. It is great enough that he's on facebook. Dare I require him to catch up via these ramblings? I'm totally not that self-important. Not. at. all.

So, where were we? Since I don't give you much by way of photos anymore. Or words for that. So I think you deserve some blog clips eh? I get in the habit of clipping lots of other blogs so let me give ya a few categories of stuff I loved of late and have. at. it.

Quick life update:
Liisa is going to be breaking up terrorist cells (smile)
I love watching him network and be a caregiver.
We are okay. Better than okay. Staying in Seattle. Sorry mom.
Sorry mom x2. Cause your sister's baby daddy is a h.a.m.
My prayers and thoughts are with you - especially after watching the Office and thinking of you.
I love the folks I work with. Pure and simple. It feels so good.
Of course I need a Benz. Uh huh.
I like stacks of paper that are organized
I LOVE scrapbooking. Still. Unconditionally.

Categorically speaking:

Great, timely, quote
Techy stuff (not an iPhone, promise)
Scrap love
more scrap loving
and even more scrap loving
blackwhite 10,000 men of Harvard (smile)
fun time waster
another quote that really got me through
I totally get to be part of!
why I still want a sewing machine
fun with others' photos
just in case you thought black folks didn't get married (LOOK! It is gorgeous!)
camera + games = fun!
why politics doesn't have me cycnical anymoreyet
one of the best movies I saw this year
why life is so easy as a supervisor (embrace it)
one day...I will make them (the cupcakes...the cupcakes...cute kid though)
coolest wedding theme ever!
I love you mom...I miss you granny
I love my finance geek for ensuring that I understood every word of this

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T said...

NASPA 8-11 will prolly stay a few days after. More info as gets closer.

trying to find places for wedding... everything so expensive!