Thursday, October 30, 2008

Damon Weaver, 390, Subprime stick people

So I was over at PostBourgie and they had the cutest little journalist linked up from You Tube:

I particularly busted out laughing (with you Damon, with you) when Biden launched into a pretty long "What does the VP do" answer. Only because you see Damon's elbow slowly but surely drop from "oh, a few more words" to "seriously, this is not a 30 second soundbite" to "Dear sweet Jesus're my homie but dang!"

lol. Loved. That

They also hipped me to Where of course I had to dream a little dream.

DO NOT email me about what I'm smoking. At least I left Texas red.

And just to reload this powerpoint that Robert sent me a while back (fixed the linky since I don't have Windows Live to upload the ppt direct to blog anymore):

CDO Powerpoint SubPrime Primer

In case you need a peek before you enter Power Point presentations like the one above: If you can't read the tiny font, click on the title CDO Subprime Primer and it will take you to the site where you can blow it up big as day. It's worth it.

That was funny.

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