Monday, October 27, 2008

Quick. i90 or 520?

No brainer right? Unless you overthink it. And sometimes, I overthink it. Like this afternoon. Probably would have been faster to get over the 520 to where I was going but hot dang it if 520 didn't prove me right AGAIN this afternoon.

No matter though.

Guess what I got today? Well, besides cookies to give out as gifts. And yeah, besides a new great staff person to complete my team. Okay...besides the giggles looking at R's shopping receipt for groceries last night. Yeah, besides a crazy Jones for great Thai food around the corner.

Okay. Give up already. Seriously.

Remember this? In my hot little hands are the best pictures I will ever in my life scrap. Just in time too (smile).

Happy sunny crisp fall day!

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