Monday, June 09, 2008

One Week down, two to go

Robert asked me what in the world I was going to do with myself with three weeks of freedom.  After Day 1, I was a bit worried.  I've managed to build a better to-do list in the meantime and so all is well in "Pretend Stay at Home Mommy to No kiddies World."  The biggest problem?  I don't like to clean.  So much for playing that one off.

In the meantime.

Tons of life going on.  Next month, I get married.  This month I've had the great fortune of meeting wonderful, regular people moving on to Denver for the National Convention (and yes, that would be the Democrat National Convention for those that had any doubts). This week did bring a lot of come to Jesus talks about finalizing the invite list for said event next month (and the budget, ahem). And I even had half a moment to scrap a bit.  And more to come.

So as time goes on, I've had the time to get caught up is the short of it all. And to re-evaluate what it is I love about life and could do without.  I love that nothing fell on the "do without" list.  Love. That. But also love feeling a lot more balanced. 

In my last job with the Law School, I loved that I had so many opportunities to do great things personally per the perks--I traveled a lot and could tack on campaigning asides for Obama and meet ups with scrap folks and it was just so darn fun!  It wasn't AS fun having to be apolitical though.  Sure.  There were lots of folks at the school who could proudly wear their affiliation where ever they went.  And trust me, anyone who knew anything about me knew who I was for and why they should be for him too (smile).  But I couldn't wear an Obama button while standing behind the table.  I couldn't email my extensive prospect e-lists and invite them to my events because I would come off as pushing the "ultra liberal/ultra-Seattle" image that we were not so much trying to get away from, but that we very much didn't try to promote 24/7.  I respected the need for that, but it was a an interesting balancing act that has been the biggest change I've noticed since joining the ranks of those without health insurance.  Albeit, by "choice". 

Choice being that since you can't start and stop Cobra at will, I can't sign up to pay for insurance for this month because then I would be double covered when I start the new job.  And Robert can't add me to his for a month because we don't have a qualifying event until next month.  At which point we get to decide all that married people stuff like how much life insurance to take out on each other.  Uh huh.

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T said...

this insurance cobra thing... there is another option that we did but are keeping on the DL.

shoot me a msg and I'll fill ya in if ya like.