Sunday, June 22, 2008

Muffins or Photoshop


I can EITHER bake cornbread muffins OR reload all my actions and filters to Photoshop CS3 after finally getting my computer back.
Clearly, I can't multitask and do both. Not at the same time.
I was SO looking forward to cornbread muffins too.
At least it wasn't shrimp and grits. That would have ended up being another frying pan incident.
So close to the wedding. Probably not appropriate. But yeah, he should probably be very scared.
Twas my last day of domestic house playing freedom. Start work for reals and I'm super duper excited. Next month is going to go by so fast.
Strap in. Hold on tight.

1 comment:

LJ said...

I know you included the muffin pan in the photo because you knew I'd wonder. However, I am still worried about the part of the pan that is NOT in the picture. With muffins that bad - a girl has to wonder.