Monday, June 16, 2008

For a political weekend...papaless and all

For such a political weekend, so VERY much has happened that I didn't even get to blog about. And my single mama, I called her today to say I love you and happy father's day (well, yesterday...on the way home from Spokane) and she put it all in perspective for me.

When you ask most folks what they think about Tim Russert's death, the answer is always an agreeable "I will so miss him and Election Night won't be the same without him."

Except for my mom. Not only did she bring it up to me first in conversation, but she said "It is so sad that he's going to miss election season this year." As in, it was sad for him to miss out on something he was so passionate about. It wasn't about what he did for her; it was about his passion and the timining of dreams lost. ESPECIALLY during this season she noted--for any political junkie and especially one like him, it IS sad that he won't get to be a part of that night in November.

I've never met a more selfless person than my mama. God I love her and everday I just wish that I could be 1/5th the woman she is. And since I can't see through the tears to type much more, I should go to bed (smile).

I'm an emotional wreck lol It was a draining weekend. Wanted something really REALLY bad and didn't get it. So that stung. Missing Robert more than I ever imagined possible. So can't sleep. Wish I could have my whole family under one roof. Wishing I could have gone to Irvine this past weekend (although that would have meant no Spokane, so just clone me so I could be two places at once). Really wish I could have had some scrap fun in TN this past weekend.

But above all else. Really wish I could hug my granny right now. And now I'm REALLY a hot mess so I'm going to go watch the ScalpMed infomercial. Those joints are educational! Act like you don't know.

Congrats to all the WA state Obama National Delegates! Special shout outs to Wyatt (you bring tears to my eyes with your PASSION!), Jay (I can't wait to work with you for years to come) and Robert (photographer extraordinaire) for representing the 11th in the finalist round! The delegates from WA all make my heart sing. And the folks who didn't even get to be delegates--wow. WOW. One of the other finalists said it best when she noted damn you all for making my ordinary and boring life absolutely unacceptable anymore. Damn you and thank you from the bottom of my heart!

And just FYI...ScalpMed has Miss Black Nevada testifying about her bald head and wigs. Can I get an amen?

Bring it Barack. Bring it. Responsible fathering (smile).

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