Monday, June 09, 2008

Ahhh...but it is going to Southern California

No.  I don't refer to my future husband as it.  Though he is also going to Southern California.  And Vegas.  But we don't talk about that.

I'm referring to that little gadget that this weekend, after driving about aimlessly on one-way streets of hellish downtown Seattle for 45 minutes looking for a place that really was right under my nose, I actually called it (well, the future husband and asked him to put IT on the phone) to find out where in the heck Yahoo Maps was trying to take me.

Now.  I've traveled this country over.  And over.  And over again.  Probably about times 3.  And each time I printed pages of maps from Yahoo maps on how to get there.  And they have NEVER let me down.  Not even that one time I took the wrong turn and ended up on the other end of the Peninsula driving to a retreat for EDAN (I could NOT for the life of me remember the name of that student group the other day when reading the Stranger...which also reminds me that I have not had Veggie Pho in...oh...a week now.  And. I. Am. Dying. SLOWLY.). I was saying.  Driving.  Yahoo maps.  EDAN--4 hour backtrack.  It was gorgeous once I got there.  Let me tell you.

All this to say that I plopped down in front of my computer that really isn't backed up with all the stuff I evidently could live with out after all to Google (and by "Google" I mean type in and go to yahoo maps) how in the heck I get to Best Buds in Madison Park.  Because yes, they may be my wedding flower savior. And I just want flowers anyhow and I saw some gorgeous hydrangeas in their photo in the paper and...I digress.

I sat down to Google/Yahoo it and low and behold, I remembered that I had Robert's car.  The one with the gadget in it.  That I called this weekend.  To tell me how in the heck I get from point a to point b.  So I'm going to go to Mike's and get the river rocks I originally wanted instead of the ugly mini seashells I settled for.  Then I'm going to Jo's to get the friggin' burlap or something already. Then I'm going to convince myself that yes, yet is is worth it to time it just right to head over to Madison Park on the way to picking up Robert who so graciously let me use his car after I dropped off my car at the body shop for work.  Yeah.  He does love me. But not enough to leave me the GPS when he goes to So. Cali. Because well, Spokane ain't big enough for me to get lost in.  10 minutes.  I'll take under on that one at that.  Watch me.

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T said...

Girl, I don't know if you ever met Joe Barrientos over in the career center @ SU but he does floral arranging and he can get wholesale prices!

I'm starting to narrow things down as far as were and who, waiting on sister for when. Went dress shopping and found the one I want. price is a bit more than I was hoping so we'll see.