Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Goodness of Life

Last night, I acted a fool. So I had to apologize. But I got to meet some really cool people like Carolyn who reminds me of my aunt Terri, Rich who pulled some pretty funny wigged stunts in NJ with crab apples as a boy, and Devon (I'ma call you out Devon...cause that's how I roll) with the super fro and eyes that demand that you say "Yes, of course I'll work tirelessly to get Gregoire elected."

So. You know how farmers farming for ethanol is contributing to the food shortage across the globe? That's what I thought about when I thought about how fired up Obamaholics are contributing to the shortage of volunteers for the governor and senate races locally. I tell ya.

Today. Got to chat with Ms. Liisa which ALWAYS makes my heart sing. Got all ready for the trip to Spokane--with no laptop, doing it old school. Which is probably the best thing yet because that will force me out of my room and onto the floor to interact. And that's what this is about right?

I hold no illusions. I think I've done it, walked it, talked it and had a good time. At this point, it probably is more about connecting with people who will talk to me when they get back from Denver. And that's good to it too. But as I was being told by Ms. Jourdan of a certain someone's new gig--so much of life is talking the talk. Mean game. Which I have never been about. Always Ms. Worker Bee. But something about this process has really made it so very easy to do the thing.

So tonight I get to meet with a really great guy. And this is why I'm blogging (although now I remember a comment from last night too).

In the hubbub of elbow rubbing, I cornered a dude into eating. Yeah, you might not get to sleep much, but you gotta eat even in the midst of a campaign right? Right. So we're meeting up at 7ish for coffee. He gave me the two roads and a sortof attempted spelling of the name of the place. And his number. So I googled it. The crossroads and the words "Seattle, coffee". And I'll be darned if the 2nd entry to pop up didn't bring up the name of the place (spelled very wrong, but hey...I knew what you were getting at Majid *smile*).

So that's what on for tonight. While my better half is trying to be dark like me, I'll sip tea and chat and probably eat my whole box of fruit leather if I don't move on already.

So much for scrapping this weekend. One more week of freedom to get that done.

Oh yes...the other bloggable moment? Yesterday I finally got my mini pots painted and transfered the plants I'd been hording. Put them up on the sills in the kitchen. To which the other one asked "What's up with the weedpatch?"

That weedpatch is part of our centerpieces. Hush your mouth.

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