Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Not really too much information

So I saw a fun (long) post at Heather's blog and at the invite to copy and jump in, figured why the heck not.  In your entire life, have you ever...

gone on a blind date? Nope

skipped school? I slept until 2:11 pm one day in high school and freaked out that I had missed class.  In college, well, there was a lot of snow and sometimes, well, it was difficult to get motivated to go to a class that I was going to get an automatic A in for my awesomeness anyhow.  And then...I woke up.

watched someone die? Miss her everyday.

been to Canada? Eh? Many times.

been to Mexico? Technically...a time or two.  I like living in border states evidently.

been to Florida? Yes. Few times when I was on the board for The Box Project.  Really great organization.

been on a plane? For a living pretty much.  And no, I was never a pilot or a flight attendant.

been lost? Perpetually.

been on the opposite side of the country? Both horizontally and vertically and not just been there, but lived there too (born in TX, lived some in Michigan. Undergrad in NY, Grad school in WA).

gone to Washington, DC? Once.  Cannot WAIT to go back.

swam in the ocean? Just the Atlantic and the Pacific.  Not a big salty body of water fan.

had your booze taken away by the cops? What is booze?

lettered in a high school sport? I'm so great I lettered without even playing (lettered in Men's Basketball 4 years, Men's Track 1 year, as manager of the team). I did letter for 4 years in Marching Band (smile) and I lettered for 4 years each in Drill Team (as in Dance...I'm from TX people) and for 4 years in Dance itself.  Never had a letter jacket or got to wear that dreamy guy's jacket either.  Sigh.

cried yourself to sleep? Two times come vividly to mind.  Once when for the first time ever, my grandmother left home for a week to visit her daughter/my aunt in NY.  I couldn't believe she'd ever go anywhere without me.  Then, again, when I returned to NY that late November night in 1999 after being home in El Paso to say goodbye to her as she was moving on.  I remember being really stoic most of the time but then falling into bed, looking at the clock and just uncontrollably crying.  Come to find out, that was the moment recorded on her death certificate as her time of death.  Didn't cry myself to sleep the next day, but did cry all day that I couldn't be there holding her had in the exact moment that she really moved on.  Did a whole lot of crying at the end of 1999.

played cops and robbers? I can't remember the exact take, but there was this really neat version of cops and something or another (knowing the nerdy group I hung with, probably like cops and CSI agents) that we played growing up.  It was so friggin' FUN!

played dolls? I finally got a Barbie dream house when I was like 10.  I would hang out in the garage for hours decorating her house with all sorts of stuff I found around the house...like my mom's mini vases.  Shhhh...don't tell anyone.

recently colored with crayons? Nope.

sang Karaoke? I plead the fifth.

paid for a meal with coins only? God I miss Chicos tacos.

done something you told yourself you wouldn't? I'm online am I not?

cheated on an exam? Taken someone else's answers?  Please.  Do you know where I went to high school?  In college, one of my study partners cheated off of me.  I was smitten with the fact that anyone would even think I was smart enough to study with (it was a math class, I have SERIOUS math anxiety issues...and yes...yes I DID want to be a geneticist...what. of. it.), let alone copy off of.  Anyhow, got JA'd for that and cleared of all wrong doing.  The Princeton Mascot incident is an entirely different story. And not an exam.  So I'll plead the fifth there too.

made prank phone calls? Nope.  But did do the "you call him, no you call him, okay I'll call him, OH GOD HE ANSWERED HANG UP THE PHONE!!" bit.  Sorry Eddie and Jeremy (smile).  It was all Beverly's fault.

laughed until some kind of beverage came out of your nose? Nope.  Laughed till I about choked myself, but no liquid nostril fun.

caught a snowflake on your tongue? Yes.  And I know you snowbound folks think this is so not a big deal but honestly.  Honestly.  This is one of the most absolutely amazing firsts of my life.  Remember, I'm from the desert where we don't get snow.  Okay.  That and I've always been a late bloomer.  I know this.

danced in the rain? Yep--floods more like it.  Out on Atlas.  In El Paso.  It is a warm rain day here in Seattle and it reminds me of being home in El Paso.

written a letter to Santa Claus? Yes

been kissed under the mistletoe? Yes!

watched the sunrise with someone you care about? Yes.  Virtually at that (smile).  Was never a "stay on the phone all hours" type, but one night in high school I recall staying up all night on the phone with a certain "Chef" in Austin (who was in El Paso at the time) and having my mom be all "Are you serious?  You stayed up all night?  You're going to see him in like 3 minutes for band practice."  Tsk, tsk, tsk...like you get to talk at band practice.

been arrested? Not that I recall.  Which is kind of scary that I had to give half a thought to that. 

blown bubbles? Gum and soapy ones.

gone ice-skating. Almost.  But then pitched a fit or had to work or something and so missed out.  Can't believe I lived in NY for 5-6 years and never once made it to the rink.  Uhg.

been skinny dipping outdoors? No.

had a nickname? Yes. And to be quite frank, I can't recall how the hell Divine came about. Some not so flattering and downright derogatory, others just innocent and obvious.

been to Africa? Almost.  Times 2.  Before I die.  I promise.

eaten cookies for dinner? lol...I know a certain someone who has cupcakes for dinner.  me, I tend to either need something full out or nothing at all.

been on TV? Yep.  Local TV in high school for being one of those "good high school kids doing amazing things" (all because I was leaving town for college...okay okay...I was a nerd so I was like a National Coca-Cola Scholar--which actually got me on CNN as well...for my first time), in college, I hit CNN again for a pageant (I know I know...remember, I'm Texan).

stolen any traffic signs? Never.  Do you know how big those things are?

been in a car accident? A few.  I know.  But when we were really young, we had this red car (Vero remembers that one) and we were on our way home on a rainy day.  We spun out.  I freaked out.  No one was hurt. Once I was finally driving, I came around a corner in Ithaca one snowy night and spun out.  My bumper rested right up against the bumper of another car.  So lightly that it didn't even tap off the snow.  Which was a good thing because I did this right in front of a cop.  Then my ex backed his car out of the garage into my car and most recently, a Seattle Waste Management truck sideswiped me coming into my lane.  No weather on that last one.  Go figure.

What is your....

mother's name? Gerri (smile).

favorite drink? Water with lots of lemon.  Or if I'm in one of my infamous food cycles, Jones Creme Soda.

favorite alcohol? like rubbing?  I'm kidding.  I love great, thick, heady red wine.  Syrahs and Cab Sauvs mostly...just depends on the mood. 

birthplace? Texan

favorite vacation spot? Anywhere I've not been before that has something to take a picture of.

favorite salad dressing? Balsamic vinegar

favorite pie? Apple of course

favorite number? 3

favorite movie? This one is hard.  I LOVE movies.  Couldn't even begin to pick just one.  Off the top of my head, the first ones that come to mind: Shawshank Redemption, Babel, Kite Runner, Imitation of Life,  Schindler's List, Color Purple, Minority Report, Closer, Cast Away, I am Legend, Office Space, Fargo, A Perfect Murder, A Civil Action, Gone in 60 Seconds, Apollo 13

favorite holiday? Uhhhg...hate not getting to be with family so holidays are a chore now.  Trying to make everyone happy and pleasing no one in the process.  Can't wait to have kids and start another family unit and get to do all sorts of traditions and stuff.  At that point, I think Thanksgiving will be my fave holiday again.

favorite food? Chicos Tacos

favorite day of the week? Probably Wednesday...psychological halfway point.

favorite brand of body wash? Olay Body Creme Ribbons with Almond Oil.  Dear sweet Lord.

favorite toothpaste? Anything non-whitening.  Yeah...good luck on that in the toothpaste aisle.

favorite smell? Vanilla or rain in the desert.

Do you have any...tattoos? Nope

body piercings? Ears

Do you drive a 2-door or 4-door vehicle? 4 door. 

What do you do to relax? Read hang out watching trash tv with R.

How do you see yourself in 10 years? With babies, living in the burbs, active in my community, balanced, peaceful.

Happy 50th Alvin Ailey American Dance Theater!  These are the times I wish I lived in NYC.  As it is, I'll just have to crash on in to visit Rachel or something (smile).


Lisa said...

It was fun to read all that. We actually have quite a few things in common :)

kim brimhall said...

interesting stuff in there;) and i love rain in the desert smell too!