Friday, June 16, 2006

New Toy...

Look what I just bought. Here's to hoping there is no buyers remorse.

See, here are the issues. At home, I have no internet. At home, I also have no laptop. I used to have both. Now I have neither.

At home, I like to listen to music. To dance. To procrastinate. To scrap. To live. I, clever gal that I am, had rigged up this whole system for being able to do so.

Easy really. On my laptop (which no longer exists) I had downloaded Yahoo Music Unlimited. It was cheap, they had the songs I wanted, and there was free player. It worked. Cause see, you can use the player even when you are not online. It automatically saves all your downloaded subscription music to your computer. Each time I went to BF's place or took the laptop to work, when I was on the player, it would automatically update my playlists and music from other times when I was online and snagging music.


Then it got wonky. Was giving me error messages on the laptop but still playing. Then said laptop died. On the new computer, I have sound card issues. Really. So the really cool speakers I bought to bump my music from my laptop were really going to waste. Sad.

I really like music. But I really needed a mass storage device (ie, a jump drive).

If I were smart and had done my research, I would have seen that I could have both an MP3 player AND a storage device for transfering files (see above photo). Would have had an FM tuner too to listen to my Kube. But I don't research like that.

This evening, I will pick up the toy above. God help us all if I have download issues after spending hours trying to switch my Yahoo music subscription to the "to go" version so I could listen on this little thing. I'm assuming (yes, I know...) that I can plug my speakers into the headphone jack and fill my home with sound. Lord REALLY help us if that doesn't go down.

Thinking calm girlfriend thoughts.

Column went out today--look for it in print in next Friday's Olympian. All about diversity in scrapbooking and why it matters (smile).

Need to pick up the shredder for the bf at OM on the way home. And then make my way to Paper Zone 2 just to be sure that there are not items there that I couldn't find at the other one to create with. I got out of that place for $55 yesterday! And I bought a tool! No idea what I'm talking about? Check the scrap blog my pretties...

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