Thursday, August 21, 2008

Question and Answer time

Let's see if I can even remember all of them. Nope. So I get to ramble through what I remember.

My cutie pie nephew. (Who is the cutie little man in the limo)
Cause they're professionals. (How did your photographers capture all that emotion)
I threatened them. (How did you keep the girls on lockdown)
I plead the fifth (What was so funny in that one picture)
I'm going to go with "I don't know" (What was the little dude drinking?)
$15 - Pike Place Market (Amazing bouquet. Bet you had to pay a grip for that)
Co-Maids of Honor (You only had two chics with you. Who was MOH?)
My life. My joy (Who is the cutie in the wedding party--your pick as to which one *smile*)
I've got connex like that. Well he does. (Where in the heck did you find a wheat field in Downtown Seattle?)
Ivory w/champagne trim (So did you tell the white lie after all?)

Those are your ten for right now. More to come. Some day.

Totally excited that I get to go and hang with Liisa this Saturday. I can't wait. Wish money grew on trees so that I could help those who really need it. Mom, you always come through. I love you to pieces. Wish I had your new phone number (hint, hint). I FINALLY have some sense of calm at understanding just what it is that I do for a living right now. Thursday night...I'm going to miss the Olympics when they are over. Watched Generation Kill last night. Maybe he will have another episode for me tonight. Sick. Man. And speaking of sick men doing stuff for me, I love him so friggin' much. So much. Thanks for taking it to the bookcase. I promise I'll exchange the other one. Sometime. Soon.

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Gina Hanson said...

OMGosh . . . B~ it's been too long! Your wedding photos are Amazing and you were a Beautiful Bride! Congrats my friend! :)