Friday, August 15, 2008

She lives

Barely. So you know what that means...

102 feeds 700+ nibbles to read. I have a love/hate relationship with Bloglines right now.
Diamonds are a girls' best friend--be that in a wedding band or top tier status. Thanks ATL.
I hate flying. In airplanes. Through Philly.
It is indeed a Miracle. Or a Merikle (smile).
I don't like feeling stupid/incompetent/overwhelemd/like a quitter.
Facilitating big meetings and asking the right questions is my forte. Stop fighting it.
Phone interviews rock. Just not back to back to back to back to back to...
Weddings in dry cities are comical. Or profitable depending on how you look at it.
Where has all the customer service gone?
Jamaica. Oh Jamaica. Oh sweet sailing, snorkeling, being with him all the time Jamaica.
I hate conflict. Almost as much as I hate being manipulated.
I love seeing people in their element. Especially people I have responsibility for.
My new job rocks the salt. Challenges are good--especially when you're pushed to excel.
Excel, exodus? I need my Liisa fix.
Ms. Co Maid of Honor--your photos had me bawling!
Auntie girl, your videos are the shizz!
Cousin wed, I saw you videotaping on the downlow so when you going to share? My photos. uh.
Way to pull off the lustful reading Mr. M, screech into the parking lot 2 minutes before go.
I liked mine better too just for the record.
I paid really great photographers good money to do their magic of making ugly pretty. wow!
And I should get to work.

I do still like blogging. And scrapping. And reading. Ther eare only 24 hours in a day and when most of those days are spent stuck in a real life version of Tom Hank's airport movie (seriously, dude, I know every nook and cranny of all terminals of the Philly airport), then those 24 hours go by excruciatingly slow. With no internet access or scrap materials on hand. Sigh.

Love you all that showed up in person, via phone calls or via cards to the shin dig. Really great getting to see some others of ya'll tossing away all your money on the Boardwalk. Definitely praying for others of you--most for legit "it isn't fair" reasons, but some of ya'll I'm praying for your soul cause you know you ain't right.

Now that the blog silence has effectively scared off the stalkers, let's get back to being real.

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T said...

I want to see lots and lots of pictures!