Tuesday, August 19, 2008

And on this day...

...I got a link. And in that link was something I cannot share. Not just yet. Well not with the masses. And it is killing me. So I shared it with anyone I knew for half a hot second.

Now I need to check all my bazzillion social networking sites and update them but my whole life was made sweeter for a lifetime in all of about 4 minutes this morning. wow.


I need a new camera. I guess the one I bounced off of the garage floor day before my wedding is no longer acceptable. But I think it takes neat pictures now so of course I'll keep it.

I want to scrapbook again. So I have it in my grand master plan to get off of work at 5 pm (which means I'll leave there at 7), stop by wal mart for one more set of shelves (it is called repurposing honey--not hoarding) and get home just in time to see him get home. And maybe have a page done. But definitely have my hard drive dumped onto this backup drive so that we can get my laptop set back up and I can begin the fun prospect of digital scrapping again.

It is good to have goals right?

Reminds me, I need to email those other two couples about a dinner. This weekend or next. And we need to go to Purple cafe. And I need to go get a massage at Habitude. And I still have a boatload (literally) of stuff to return (I tend to overbuy just to make sure I have enough...I need to break that habit) and upon those returns I think I will barely (just barely) have enough to buy my Dyson Animal. Which I go back and forth on. I'm about 99% positive if I ever bought something for "home" that I didn't find at Marshalls, Ross, Big Lots or some similarly cheap but looks good enough today type store, it would be all out straight to the wall top line vacuum cleaner that I personally will use...maybe...once. I don't clean. That we've established. But after talking about monthly cash flows here and later, I think I'll make a strong case for having a happy housekeeper some day. And if you think I'm serious with that last line, I have a great candidate for...okay. I can't go there. Keep it professional.

Speaking of professional. I want her. Really REALLY bad. Problem is that statement could apply to oh...SEVEN of the candidates we are looking at right now. Of course I have my faves but that is what it is.

Social networking sites. I'm off.


T said...

suggestion - hoover tempo - best vacuum ever and a great price. love it.

can't wait to see pictures... hint hint.

still debating on whether or not to have a wedding. Britt wants to have a shower form me during NASPA week.

Vintage Sue said...

Uh, wedding pix, please????


P.S. My sister loooooves her Dyson, but I'll take a cleaning lady any day. Mine has saved my sanity. Or what little I had.

P.P.S. Do NOT tell me you didn't register for a Dyson?!?