Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Three hours I will never get back

That's about what I feel about tonight. From waiting for 17 minutes (I kid you not) for the obnoxious woman to pull the frig out of her parking spot that I was going to wait and be patient and slow down no matter what to wait for. To waiting (and reading a whole story on how Mrs. Edwards could live through what this newly married woman just feels is the most unlivable humiliation in the world--thank you People. Or Us. Or whatever rag was on the aisle) for another 9 minutes while the checker with the woman in front of me slowly (very) checked through multiples (many of them) in this woman's basket by scanning each one. Separately. Some of them twice. All to get her 9 bazillion items scanned in. All so that I could get my one item scanned in (that will come back. Wait for it). To being checked at the door of Wal Mart of all places (because yeah, the only people stealing stuff out of the Renton Wal Mart are the sisters with a big old bookcase in the cart--receipt in hand). To not being able to call into the conference call and freaking out. To the point of making it home from said Renton Wal Mart in 11 minutes. And not speeding (well, not that much) the whole way. To getting home, calling into the new conference call number to find myself the second person online and the meeting cancelled because no one could call in. To finally sitting down to put together said bookcase from tonight's purchase (and Sunday's purchase with him in tow). Which meant I had to drag it UP three flights of stairs to my scrap room hallway.

Sat down. Ready with the directions. Had to go back down three flights of stairs to get screwdrivers and forget the hammer. Was humming along. Then for whatever reason, stuff stopped working right. Lack of Hammer I think. But since I used a much gentler tennis shoe with a much softer swing no problem right? Wrong. Flip shelves over. Crack. Loud crack. As in broken bolt thingy crack. As in "are you friggin' KIDDING ME?!" roared crack. As in Lost. My. Mind. crack.

As in "I just spent three hours that I will never get back". On nothing but crap tonight.

Happy productivity. At least I got my ballot in. Supposedly. It's in a drop box. I don't trust ballot drop boxes.

So to make myself happy, I went back to this link:

Happiness pill {aka wedding photos slideshow}

Enjoy (smile).


T said...

ok your pictures make me want to have a wedding. Amazing pictures! Amazing people!

Anonymous said...

just have to tell you, I saw the slideshow of your wedding. INCREDIBLE. I've never met you, but I'd say you look very happy and beautiful. Congratulations on your very special day.

Veronica said...

Wow! That was BEAUTIFUL!!!