Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Now that Crazy has left the building

And entered the political arena instead...

Like you knew I wouldn't. So much going on in life. And really not much at all. So pictures are in order (yeahhh...pictures!!)
So just like in your life, lots gone on in my life since 10 years ago when I last visited this here blog.

The Olympics hit Beijing. I've been to Beijing. I can't believe we didn't boycott Beijing. I gotta give China props for running the table and knowing where the house is weak though. Strategy will win every time.

I got to talk to my little brother again. Word on the street is he'll be out of country again soon. Word on the street street is that he might do the unthinkable in November. Have not had the courage to ask him that cause I don't want to have to beat him. They sure do brainwash em good in the military. I'm just saying. And yeah...like I can talk about my bruthas cause of tone, I can also talk about the Generation Kill kids cause they're my own too. Not those specific kids, but almost everyone in my family. So yeah. November matters to me.

I STILL get calls with them trying to figure out fault. Really already. I didn't run him down. The dent is/was on the BACK of my car. On the right. Where he was coming into my lane. And tried to run me into the wall. Why does everything have to be so shades of gray all the time?

I like Palm Dessert. Not nearly as much as the OC. Okay...more than. But I think it might be time for another So Cali fix. Craziness of the past weekend all considered.

Kinda thankful I didn't get to go to Denver for the DNC after all. I woulda passed out amongst all those bodies. Yeah I would have.

I miss my pho. And now that we're on the Sushi Friday kick, I can't even "leave early" and go to lunch there before dinner. Sushi friday rocks though because I get to go with him (smile).

Speaking of him. That was him almost two months ago to the day. And to think he was breathless then.

I loved our reception. Mostly because I love candles and all that fun stuff. If you still have not seen the slide show, you totally have to hit that up.

I just really like the innocence of this picture. Makes me feel pure. New beginnings of a bird nest and all. I kinda feel like doing some nesting lately. Just purged my scrap room. That totally felt good.

Never thought I would see (and pay for) $4 gas.

Talk about feel good, it has been blazing in Seattle lately (high 70s, 80 in my work spot). I know, no self respecting El Pasoan should say "blazing" and "80" in the same sentence but we ain't got no central air. I wish I could splash through the water like them boys. How fun!

My fave time of year is upon us. Can't wait to go get more pumpkins!

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