Friday, March 23, 2007

They're just Ready for next year...

my big one. It is a Christmas Tree. I know a tree when I see one. It really shouldn't bug me. Maybe I should just go ask them. but why. I know what it is. It is a tree.

shots...more of them. Ouch. But I wanna live on my trip. I can't believe I'm going to Tibet. Wow!

I can't believe the gist of my life lately. But then again, soon as I wake up, maybe we'll get it together. Time to go schmooze it up at work. Let the fun begin! I need more business cards for that other venture (surprisingly...not scrappy!). Wow life will just wrap you up in a whirlwind if you're not careful. Really. Time to go and see the negative "why her" stuff that I'm sure is out there. It will be fun because truth be told, I'll be the first to say "no clue".

Sigh...where are my cheetohs (smile).

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