Tuesday, March 20, 2007

On Houses and house hunting

So no...we didn't get the other house. But now we're serious about plans b, c, d...etc. As in, sista gal might not have a lovely scrap room for much longer. On a temporary basis of course. But still. My sweetness. It is a really sad state of affairs when, in looking online at houses last night, he found a nice three bedroom much more comfortably within our budget. To that I responded:

But what's the point? Why move from one three bedroom to another three bedroom?

People. We have no kids. We have no dog. We have two rooms of this current place that we never set foot in--well, he goes into the living room when he's on his way to the grill. This is ridiculous. But I love the FEELING of "planning for the future need for more space". Love it. Not pregnant. I swear mom I'm not pregnant. Just like planning for the future. Especially planning for the future with the hottie that I'm so lucky to do it with. He's hot and smart. Or smart and hot. I think his smartness is what makes him totally hot to me. Okay...it's not food people...but still I'm rambling. Life goes so like that.

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