Friday, March 16, 2007

Don't kick the dog... remember how we didn't go to the puppy show and instead we went and looked at houses to buy to house said non-puppy? well. yeah. Sunday...we sign away our lives. I absolutely can't believe how calm he is about this. I can't believe I'm about to do this.

We went from "nope, that lot isn't available" to "Yeah...let's get the pre-qual and now let's get earnest money and let's get you to sign your lives away on Sunday because you get the lot you want". But wait for it.

It's just been one of those weeks. Last Saturday, win the CK layout contest at CKC-Portland. Nice.

Earlier this week, just about darn near buy a grown up house (I love it when he calls it that).

Today...wake up really early because of some other exciting news I can't quite share yet (mostly, because it isn't mine to share and I'm superstitious like that) and decide to check email. I get one from the folks at HP. There was a SnapShot Diaries competition some time ago and get this...I PLACED! WOW! They have to contact all the winners before I can tell ya what I won and I have to figure out if they're going to edit my diary and use it in any promos--which would be sweet. But if not, I'll link the Snapfish slideshow I submitted. If only I could find it.

But still...wait for it.

The sweetest part of all of today--besides getting to go and cuddle up with him momentarily. The sweetest part was totally forgetting and overstaying my parking permit (street parking--fee the meter every two hours...after you move your car of course) and NOT GETTING A TICKET. I love SPD. Well...that meter maid at least. Talk about some good Karma. Or luck--I'm so not Irish after all. Or someone up above looking out for me. I have no one but my sister to thank for that one.

Eyes drooping off. I think I've run the course of good luck this week. But I AM a Sagitarian so maybe not. Tagalongs are good (all you Girl Scouts out there rock my world). I really need sleep...this is quickly falling off into a "foodie" entry.

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