Sunday, March 04, 2007

Fun Sunday

Oh I love Sundays. This one in particular. When I'm in transit, I get a lot of reading done. I buy a good $50 worth of magazines to just soak up color, but then, in the plane, on the bus, walking about...I like to read. At one point I had a goal of a book a month. I am severely behind in that. But...I did just start another good book after finishing the one that I thought would be the good book to end all good books.

She has others so I think I'll have to get them. Maybe it is the coming trip to India. Maybe it is the gal I know who so totally was my image of Sudha the whole time. But definitely it was the vivid way Divakaruni makes you live in the moment. In India. In the two girls' hearts. Definitely a quick read. Definitely a good read. You should check it out. Next week (uh huh) we'll have more on the current book of the moment.

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