Sunday, March 18, 2007 just ain't meant to be

and sometimes it is. I don't know what time this is. As you well know by now, I'm about as superstitious as they come so I saw this coming. And you also know that while I actually have a very cheerful, pretty optimistic demeanor, I tend to "prepare for the worst" and avoid hoping for the best. Protective measures and all.

Well, let my guard down a tiny bit. Still trying to process it all. I mean, it is what it is and as it is meant to be. And I learned a lot in the process...a whole lot that I really needed to know. But still...sometimes it just ain't meant to be. My one cynical/realist comment of the night:

It came too easy. And nothing in my life comes that easy (smile).

So it is. Just wish I hadn't quite called mom just yet. That's when the superstitions kicked in. Sho nuff they did.

On a good note...great note actually. I found a REALLY great site this weekend. You'll have to check the colored white blog for that though. Guess I should get some reading done--not with the mind of denying as many people as I can...maybe more in the mindset of really looking for ways to grant some dreams tonight. That will be a refreshing change. I've been reading nothing but denies this season...probably why I'm not liking what I do so much right now. Just want to say "yes" to someone. Just want to change someone's life for the better. That's why I really like that site I found this weekend. I actually feel like I'm doing something for someone else. And it feels so good!

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