Friday, January 20, 2006


is wierd
is weak
is precious
is odd
is here
is now.

Not very colorful today though. Posted on my other blog about the sw fiasco of a day and though it is not raining outside, god is it raining in here. Few more moments until I have to get it together and go back to work but man it is one of those days.

I'm definitely hormonal. no doubt to that.

I find it highly ironic that I can sit in my posh little job deciding on real life decisions--not just who will get paid $150 a month in scrapbooking product, but real life decisions like what people will get to do with the next 20-40 years of their lives and here I sit shook over not making the cut.

How is that for life?

I find it highly odd that I've got not only a friggin' ivy league degree, but a master's degree to complement it and I'm sitting her worried about whether or not I can compete in the "sport of stay at home moms" so many of my friends have taken to calling my little hobby/side gig.

How is that for life?

I find it downright disturbing that instead of thinking of the real goals at hand, you know, making sure I am really setting myself up to do the consulting I want to do that will change the world someday, instead, I'm trying to figure out if it is anywhere near worth my time to even try for Hall of Fame. Disturbing because really, logically, I know I should spend that time really prepping to take over the world in a far more realistic endeavor.

Scrapbooking. Sigh. Not really for me. I'm overeducated. Live in the wrong part of the country. Don't have enough kids. Don't have the requisite husband. Work too much outside of the home. Get PAID too much for the work I do outside of the home. Really don't have a very unique talent. Really have TOO unique a talent. Have a bit too much melanin. Might be a bit too thin. Might be a tad shy of perky enough...

Definitely don't have a thick enough skin for Type A Scrapbooking.
I'm way too hormonal for it really.

Life. It's pretty off skew and off kelter when your life revolves around scrapbooking for the noteriety instead of scrapbooking for the fun of it. I don't do "fun". That's my problem.

" name is ______ and I have a problem."

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