Monday, January 16, 2006


There are cool little towns in America. Well, at least in places like NM, AZ and WA.

This weekend, the BF so graciously plotted a little getaway for us to a town called Leavenworth. We went for Ice Fest.

So we left at way too early on Saturday morning because I wanted to see the dog pulling competition. Never seen it before and probably won't make much of a point of seeing it again because there is something about some of the ultra-competitive handlers that are there more for the points than the love of what their dogs can do. In any event, there were some gigantic dogs there.


Had some fantastic tomato basil bisque, saw a new book by J. Diamond (Collapse) that I want to get and then went and had a great time back at the hotel kicking it until we went out for fireworks. After fireworks, went back to the hotel, nice little WOOD times.

Viewed some models, came back home watched The Office and West Wing...done.

Time to go home.

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