Tuesday, January 10, 2006


Tired. Bone tired. I layed in bed a good hour this morning contemplating whether or not I wanted to take the bus to work. You see, I can drive up the road and hop the bus, but then I only have a very limited window of opportunity for getting the bus back to the car. I could drive forever to where the BF parks, but then I might well just drive to campus. Driving to campus—plenty of parking, but I only have a pass for 5 days a month. Sigh…to give up the bus pass or not to. That is the question.

Social responsibility is for the birds. The seagulls at that.

Stormy, stormy night. As in waves splashed up on the deck. Fun. And I slept through most of it.

Tonight, let’s try not to take work home. Really. Really. Delegation is a good thing. Tomorrow is Wednesday. Day after is the MLK Jr. dinner. Day after is the MLK Jr. luncheon. Then there is a three day weekend. God I love working in higher education.

What am I qualified to do? What am I pushing to do? Why am I here loving the easy life when I should be joining the struggle? Sigh. My brain hurts. Telling people no hurts even more. Laughing my butt off at lunch is even more painful. I love it.

Speaking of pain. Time to get in shape. Next year. Or so.

Back to the rat race. I almost thought I heard rats this morning. Then I realized it was just a branch scraping my window. Phew.

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