Friday, January 27, 2006

Good word

I can think of many right now. But none of them are good. it is Friday night. about an hour since I should have left. And I sit. Waiting for 7200 emails to go out under MY email address (probably shut down the whole server in the process) and REALLY looking forward to the bounce from 7200 worth of bad emails.

I suppose I could do the papercut version of this. Or we could just pay someone to mail out the paper copies. I should calculate it out. My hourly rate plus the hours additionally it will take for me to get trained on how to do this the RIGHT way (instead of the WE way) and to clean up the mess from this...

I really do think it would be cheaper to pay the $1000 to just mail them already.


Oh happy day! Got to go out with BF (actually convinced his roomie to come out too) and Andrea and crew on the "East Side". Yuppie ville. Gotta love it. I do. I love people watching though. BF can't stand it.

Tomorrow I have a board meeting I will likely get lost trying to find. Tonight is tacos and a movie. Sunday is bird picture taking (well, Eagles...but they're birds last time I checked).

Time for me to assume that the email will go out and just go home. I found out that I'm going to be published again. I'm super psyched about that. I'll update the scrappy blog with more information but the detectives among us will figure it out.

Still gotta serve my landlord. Acting a fool. Filed. Should put that date on my calendar.

Going south to Palm Springs for Easter. That should be fun to see BF in his habitat. Then I really need to start planning for time back in El Paso.

Saw Glory Road. I can't believe how you can grow up all your life knowing someone, but not really knowing them. I come from a basketball family in El Paso and it took the rolling credits at the end for me to place some of those players in context within my life. I'm ever fascinated by how few degrees tend to separate me from the aha moments (and people) of my life.

Okay. Bus calls. Probably not now that it is past rush/rush hour. Sigh...

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