Tuesday, May 20, 2008

It's official...

...I am that woman.

I was downstairs, humming Taps to myself partly out of respect that for some reason it is the first military tune that comes to mind (which is telling in and of itself) and I had just come in from listening to Webb talk about how politicized the military has become. And why I didn't realize this before, but hot damn if my stepfather was probably not a Republican. How I never really thought of that before (I mean, I DID grow up in Texas so it was kinda just a given) never crossed my mind. Love how NPR makes me think a lot more than say...Kube. Although, last night the Night Time Players (Mr. E in particular) had me thinking about "representing" and not blasting non-rap in the car. I digress.

Humming taps as I packaged up my deader than dead laptop. Yeah. Don't get me started. And yes, it is ironic that Mr. E was talking specifically about not banging Alanis, I read a blog from another brother today saying about the same and here I was thinking how friggin' ironic it was that my cake baker's laptop crashed (and she had just received it back) only to see. Mine was actually recalled for a service patch. One that conveniently all of a sudden renders your laptop useless. But not your harddrive. Which is yet another lesson in back up but it's not like I hear those lessons.

I just cry me a river and then Robert promises to get me a new computer (well, really, get HIM a new computer and I get his old one--I just play with photos and the internets, he's the one that's got all kinds of crazy going on and therefor needs the latest and greatest). Anyhow. Packed laptop up. check. Warmed up warmed over mac and cheese. Check. Went to go for hot sauce. Uhm.

Oh yeah. I have an extra bottle in the cupboard. Which is darn good because my other bottle is (wait for it)...

...uh yeah....

It is in my purse. And what?

Some fun stuff today:

Great catwalk at SisTv (be sure to check out Virginia Tillery's layout--she's my pic...love her)
Ani and Mario make an adorable robot groom and tiger print bride
My hair looks hot today

Some not so fun stuff today:

Work until 6:35. Deny appointments should NEVER last 1.5 hours
No him to come home to. See above. He's doing his civic duty
When visitors overstay their welcome. Guess we're on a roll here with this list.

Some "wow, this is my life stuff":

Not today, but hanging out with our absolutely amazing photographers Gerald and Arika. Ya'll blog readers chose so so SOOOOO very well on which photographer to go with. Love you all to pieces for that.

Saturday's Congressional Distict Caucus. I know people--relaly GREAT people going to Denver in August. I actually KNOW and get to talk to them and continue to know them. I didn't make it, but I know people who do. How absolutely amazing is that??

Things to just wonder:

Where are my books at.
Why I didn't just go finish my book off
Why I can't find something decent for my mother of the bride
Why it was so friggin' easy to find a little boys tux this time around
how it went from pure summer Sunday to "Feels like November" Tuesday. Loved it all though
where those RSVPs are from family folks who need to get it together already.

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