Saturday, May 03, 2008

It was such a hit last time...

...and my life has become so all consuming with the photo taking lately (which, I LOVE by the by!) I figured that rather than getting on here and posting a pitiful list of things we all know good and well by now that I will NEVER in half of forever and then some come back to about a visual list for my visual learning self.  Deal?  Deal.

In no particular order of course:

Bernadette animated

These are the times when I am so appreciative of the facts that:

1. I am about to marry an ex-wedding photographer.

2. I am half a minute handy on the whole post-processing bit.

See...this here photo...not all that great.  Not because of the photographer so much as the girl who bought her $7 dress thinking it would be perfectly cute for an engagement photo shoot.  The top is a bit, uhhmm, revealing and the rest of the dress leaves way too much to be desired. But I like the jewelry and get tons of compliments on the earrings you can't really make out.  Which is the point because I'm still not 100% convinced this won't be the get up.  As such, I played with the photo and I've decided I like the animated me a lot better than the photographed me.  I'm just saying is all.


Centerpieces 2 Centerpieces








Centerpieces 4 centerpieces 3








That there.  Those would be about 2/5ths of the preview of the wedding centerpieces.  The other three fifths is a surprise (smile).  Think OC light of my life and well, Seattle of course.  Ish.


That is called "The damndest thing happened on the way to see the man whose name I shall not speak.  I'm just saying.  He was funny.  The dent and the tale the person was telling who put it there was not. But I'm a sucker for old school brothers who remind me of my people's just trying to make it so I pretty much just sucked up the fact that I'll be paying like $50 a month more in insurance premiums but he'll get to keep his job for the city.  Yeah nice of me.  Not so nice that I'm having second thoughts about that because, of course, now dude is being totally unresponsive.  Remember when I first started blogging and asked if I had a sticker on my forehead that said "I'm a sucker?"  Right.  It wasn't a sticker after all.


Is that not the absolute coolest thing you ain't never seen?  Aside from the fact that I've killed every gold and beta fish I have EVER owned (to the point that some have committed suicide by jumping out of their bowls to get away from me) I don't think I'll get a salt water or coral tank anytime soon since I can't afford to buy the stuff that goes into one let alone the person I'd need to hire to actually take care of it.  But I tell ya.  The highlight of any trip to the OC is going to his sister's house and checking out her gigantor tank.  I could jump right in and get lost up in it.  And you think I joke.  I mean.  It really isn't THAT big, but I do find myself just sitting there for a good hour watching the one clown fish go all crazy on anyone that tries to come up near his corner of the tank.  And just watching all the puffy, stringy, floaty things.  I mean I'm a sister who doesn't do the ocean thing cause things would touch me.  But I was watching survivor and they were swimmin' with the jellyfish and even I had to admit that that was the coolest thing I'd ever seen.

Until later.  The future husband to be rings.  Congrats T on your engagement!  Brit it is SO great to "find ya" via your reconnect from T's blog.  And trash the know my heart on that one.  Totally!

More later today  Happy National Scrapbook Day!

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Vintage Sue said...

So excited about your impending wedding! Definitely keep us posted! XOX. I'm dying to see the dress (and will tell you—later—a hysterical story about taking my tomboy friend wedding dress shopping! XOX