Friday, April 25, 2008

Because | Democracy in Action (Obama profiles)

Why yes, I DO count. And to that, I've even gone so far as to say so and demonstrate why. Yes, I'm still hung up on being in Washington, the "big" state of popular voters who don't count because we go through that "undemocratic process" of caucuses and don't really count turnout much from the primary vote. All tongue in cheek (smile).

If you don't know by now, I'm a State Delegate (11th LD, 7th CD) and of course I'd love to go to Denver. But beyond that, I really REALLY want to get more profiles on the calendar for the Because Democracy in Action (yes, yes I DID spell it Democrazy and have to go edit it again) shots. I have some openings in the next two weeks, then a spat of no openings for about a week and I opened up another two weeks of shots. So, let's get you profiled!

You can read more about the project here at my Obama Delegates page and you can email me at I do travel ALL OVER for various causes so no you DON'T have to be local (as in Seattle or even Washington state) to participate though I am in a heavy push to get more WA supporters involved. I prefer that you are an Obama supporter, but I've had some really AMAZING profiles pop up from people who were undecided and others who were for another candidate and then switched so, we'll work on you (smile). And yes, I was somewhat joking in that there will be no heavy pressure, but I will indeed be asking Obama specific questions so your perspective will be narrowed for the purposes of the survey. I've had some really clever, fantastic responses from folks who took that and ran with it.

Ready to jump in? Shoot me an email. In the subject line put "Obama Profile" and in the body, tell me your first and last name, gender (although if you put Mr. or Ms. I'll figure out how you identify and that is fine by me), location (city, state, country) and one reason why you support Barack Obama (or, a reason why you're unsure or don't support him). I'll send you the info, you decide to what extent you want to participate. Cool? Cool. Feel free to link me up either from this blog post or (preferably) my Obama Delegate page.

Can't wait to meet you!


T said...

If you end up in Denver and need some friendly faces let me know!

o and I got one of them shiny sparkly things on my finger now.

Vintage Sue said...

Holy Moly! Good for you! I cannot BELIEVE you're a delegate (and you'd BETTER go to Denver, grrl). I'm just about to shoot you an email to participate! XOX