Sunday, April 01, 2007

Uhhhg....Come up Already...'s 4 hours before I'll be on a plane. Things I kinda should do first:

Dry the clothes to take with me (done)
Pack the files I have to take with me (done...all 75 of them)
Put some songs on the iPod...or the other thingy. (yeah not so much...just took the laptop)
Figure out if I should pack the laptop charger or not (did, but for what I don't know)
Take a nap (it will be a long night) (was a long night, there was no nap)
Print off some more stuff (done)
Get another layout (or 4) done (well...sorta)
send about 10000000 emails (sent the three most important ones)
get offline (momentarily)
kiss Robert (oh yeah *smile*)
find the camera (where it is supposed to be of course)
take the camera ( some good Airport shots!)
update the to do list (I give up)
pack some toiletries...or maybe just some makeup (yeah...and forget the toothbrush...ick...7-11)
take a shower (more like boil myself in a tub of hot water)
eat something (Panda Express...yummy!)
organize something (uhhmmm...that's life...just never something important)
just do something (sigh...)

All that aside, we went out and looked at houses again before coming home to our perfectly lovely home and fixing it up for selling. Thing is...I like our place. And I like the million dollar places we keep looking at too. Problem is, we can't afford a million dollar home. So after we look at those amazing places with great views, great neighbors and great finishes and we walk over to the homes we CAN afford...well, nothing works. This is going to be a struggle. I know it. And then there's my analyst better half who is good about telling me why something will work but won't take a jump if his totally non-analytical (but slightly strategic...another post for another time) "gut-feeling" GF "feels" a house. I wasn't feeling any of them yesterday. Well...I felt the million dollar ones, but as I said, that ain't gonna happen. Sigh...where have I gone? A good ten years ago I would have never dreamed of owning my own perfectly acceptable places are not "good enough". I am definitely an American. Set for a rude wake up call in about a week and a couple of days. Did I mention I hate my typhoid oral? It makes me want to puke. I wish it would just come up already.

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