Sunday, November 20, 2005


Why. Three letters. Such a loaded word. Admittedly, I'm likely not in the best of shape to be writing this at this moment and most folks will only have the privilege of glimpsing the very censored version of this. Sorry for you.

Weekends are my favorite. I get to come up to Seattle and hang out with the only person I really feel much like hanging out with lately. I humor him and his addiction to Home Depot and ride the bench to T-town and back so that I don't have to be away from him. Friday night, which seems so long ago, he humored me and my very low intake tolerance levels. I think he's amused by me. I think I'm amused by him too.

He has this gorgeously little mischevious grin. That "You know he's up to no good" grin that he doesn't think I notice. He says I have "that look". No matter, when we made it to MR, we danced, waited, danced some more, had a drink and congratulated the roommate on one more year. He humored me and danced some more and was finally saved by the arrival of the other two.

That turned the night into pimping myself out to get a stupid song played and getting hit on by a very, very drunk girl. Which is always interesting. No, not getting hit on by girls because that doesn't happen always. Rarely as a matter of fact. But interesting watching his reactions to those types of situations.

I think I'm a very trustworthy person. No...not that kind of trust. Well, yeah that too. But I'm talking emotional trust. Which is only really to be expected of us emotionally high maintenance types. I am easy to trust with facts and life through others eyes. But I'm not generally trusted with emotions and life through other people's hearts. I don't really know why that is. Until the bellhop comes for all of our bags though, this is the life we'll all lead...a life with no lead because in juxtaposition, we're really all just functioning without a clue in the world as to "what next".

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