Sunday, November 20, 2005

Altogether Too Smart

Is there such a thing as too smart?
Of course not.

But there are those rare people you meet in life that are scary smart. You know, those folks who know a little bit about everything you don't know (but need to know), a bit more about things you have an interest in and they know close to everything about things you are truly passionate about? So okay...there are those kind of smart people.

But when you take that handful of smart people and start weening for those who are actually intelligent--you know, able to apply their smarts? And then you further ween for those who are actually wise--the folks who have experience with smart. Really, there are not that many people in the world.

Not that I am trying to easily categorize/stereotype/set low expectations for folks, but when you select for gender...well, I have mainly met women who fell into this category. So imagine my surprise when I managed to convince a male version of this super subset of humans to actually date me.

My boyfriend is altogether too smart. Everyday he does/says/wonders something new that challenges my assumptions and presumptions and makes me smile. And he's so real. And handy. And funny. And. He is just a whole lot of and.

The other day I was reading one of my favorite blogs {Altogether Too Happy} and I found myself thinking about all sorts of things that people could be altogether too much of. Lately, I've been telling my boyfriend a lot about how much I appreciate his smarts. But it's really not just his smarts or his intellect; his wisdom or even his intelligence. It is the fact that he is altogether too smart that fascinates me.

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