Thursday, November 17, 2005

I have arrived

Plop. I'm here.

Well, I've been "here" for quite a while but now I am "here". Where to begin? Why the title for my blog? What will I write about? Why am I writing a full entry on what I'm going to write about instead of just writing? I know...a list. Lists are fun. Here is what I need to do since I've quit my job, found lots of time to procrastinate and now really just want to do something else. Anything else.

In no particular order:
  1. Create something
  2. Submit something
  3. Find an apartment
  4. Talk to him
  5. Get that magazine
  6. Translate that spreadsheet into a database
  7. Delete those emails
  8. Cook some dinner
  9. Annoy someone
  10. Enjoy someone else
I have the word sucker written across my forehead. Didn't really notice it until I went to my dealer to get my headlight fixed. No wait...THAT (believe it or not) is under warranty. What is not, is the break job he told me I needed to pay $350 for. Between my boyfriend who knows something about everything, Liisa and the hood, when he asked me if I wanted to authorize the repairs, I asked if Hell went with No. Gotta love Liisa and her straight hood students for the lovely comments that get incorporated into my everyday dialect.

So, if I go careening down I-5 (no, it is NOT "the 5") day after tomorrow on my way to Seattle, guess hell went with no after all.

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