Monday, May 10, 2010

I miss...

Lots.  But mostly:

Working only "one job"
Having Wednesdays where I could work from home
Long walks on Alki Beach
Laughing out Loud with him
Going on photography jaunts with him
swimming laps
planning bodacious trips with him
scrapbooking with gluesticks
having an organized scrap room
my mom
my brother
my sister
my nephew
but especially her
shopping at thrift stores
buying purses and shoes
shopping for groceries
kissing the pig every morning
Sushi Fridays
Movie Fridays
Having my own desktop computer
swimming laps
washing dishes by hand
El Paso
jumping in a lake
riding a bike
the Oregon Coast
trips to Mt. Rainier
river rafting
Shorewood Dr.
playing with my pirates
my birth certificate (I know, I know)
Rachel and Alex
Cornell in the springtime
my old boss Sharon
a bazillion JLS meetings a week
my Sunfire
upstate NY
that summer of intense fun and severe heartache (or heartburn??)
black lab puppies that were never mine to miss
wood blinds
baby ducks
Southern California (cannot believe we almost moved there this week)

I miss life.

Yeah, I've got a great one and plenty of responsibility to go with it.  But there are bits large and small of life before today that I miss.

Balance would be great again.


Jenny said...

Hope you are finding more balance now a days :)

Shell said...

ok guessing I missed something in the year before.. when you last posted.

.. kissing the pig??