Thursday, May 18, 2006


...wait. I'm not ready. Nor am I set. I ... uhmmm. I have to stay at BF's place tonight so that I can try to get my computer up (there will be lots of downloading of software and drivers to to get my system back eyepatches necessary). But mostly, I have to so that when it comes time to wake up in the morning, I not only wake up, but I get up. Sure...he could call me, but I'll just think it is my alarm, hit the phone and go back to sleep.

Gotta love a girl who knows what her weaknesses are.

Tomorrow morning court. Yesterday night, dropped the car off for repairs. Today...not so sure, but I *{thought}* they were supposed to call me back with an estimate. Tad bit worried, but not really.

If I wanted to be a total book groupie nowadays, I could go to another book signing tonight, but I think I'd rather get stuff done around the house.

Because (of course because), I go to Morton's tomorrow. No...I really am NOT a steak lady. But the boyfriend is definitely a steak man. I figure if he can take me out for organic veggie food on Valentine's Day, least I can do for his special day is get him full on beef. Then...this weekend we're going south. No...not straight to hell...just Oregon. Which is much more pleasant I have been told (smile).

Off to drive my mini rental. What a beautiful day and so much time left to go play in it!

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