Friday, May 19, 2006

The computer is dead. So goes the laptop. Thankfully I have a computer genius on hand to just build me another AND I work for an institution of higher education so worse case sceneraio, I get a Dell for peanuts and lots of built in, on site maintenance. Hmmm.

Win! Took her DOWN in court. She didn't want to mediate. Which is a shame for her because I would have said, fine, we can drop the $335 if you agree to agree not to sue me in the future. Instead, the judge had to take her to task and tell her that the Roto Rooter contract was not valid as evidence since I couldn't...

Anyhow, I won. On the way out of court she muttered that she was going to sue my ass for the $7000 I owe her. Told her that essentially, this ruling meant that I didn't skip out on the lease and that I don't owe her shit. Then she came to it and instead said I would never rent another apartment. Good thing BF is pretty up on how to be the heavy...

Yummy...Morton's steakhouse. I had no steak (come on now) but the crab cakes...and Shrimp Alexander...and the wine. Wow. It was for BF's birthday. Never paid that much for a meal in all my life, but would definitely do it again. He thoroughly enjoyed himself as did I. Good times are worth good money.

Off to prep for the trip to Oregon. Lots of close time...I'm so looking forward to it.

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