Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Life Catchup

Oh where to even begin?

Jump right in right?

Just got back from Mexico. Go. To. Mexico. Puerto Vallarta is a good start. Once off the plane, hop a blue bus to downtown (preferably one rolling on spinners - no joke!) or the Romantica District. Same thing. Stroll the boardwalk and go to PiPis when you get thirsty. Take a friend who will share your tub of margarita. Order the best chicken fajitas you will ever have. Do this the first night so you can enjoy them BEFORE the humidity melts your brain. Once you are done, go back to the boardwalk, watch the guys spin down the poll and then walk down the beach to the water taxi. Don't pay the dudes trying to sell you tickets. Pay the driver directly. It is 50 pesos cheaper that way. Ride the taxi to Yelapa. With the 50 pesos you saved, check into Hotel Lagunita. Pay a little extra for the beachfront room and take extra bug spray so that you can befriend Charlie. Take a nap until 3:30 and then come back outside. I PROMISE you will not be dissapointed. By the private beach or the amazing pool like no other pool you've seen before. Definitely use the mosquito net. Oh and make sure you order the tortilla soup for dinner.

DC was amazing! I really like Anne. I just got to meet David and I like him too. Small world? When we checked into Yelapa, there was a couple from Louisiana who was making their third trip to the fishing village. The wife was from your little piece of heaven. Hang in there. All things in due time. Besides getting lost a lot with GPS, David driving and Robert backseat driving, I got to see one of my fave cities in the world with the one person in the world I've wanted to see it with. And he (and the city) lived up to expectations. Congress was in session so we got to sit in on the House. On the never ending "Sorry, I mean this way" treck to the House, we made lemonade out of lemons. Robert and I got a very coordinated photo with Barney Frank - he in his purple tie, me in my purple tank top, Robert balancing out the whole lot of shortness going on (smile). One of the most awesome photos I've ever been apart of. ALMOST makes up for not getting to have lunch with Michelle. She was out of town and all. Speaking of which - on the awesome boat wedding with amazing fireworks to cap off the evening, we saw Marine 1 and escorts flying over. Talk about a day late and a dollar short. I DID get to go to Michelle's house though...and Sunjay's mom's cooking (and yes, I followed AW's ghetto fabu lead and packed leftovers...AND WHAT??)...all told DC was just as awesome as Mexico. Almost.

Don't Jinx it. There are things I don't speak about. Because I am of the crazy inclination that if I talk about things I am excited about, then they won't happen or they will fall apart. All I have to say is that it has been an interesting week. And I need to call Ryder back. And do you have a couch I can sleep on? Because neither of us really wants to become work a holics for these next 3 or so weeks, but we can make that happen I think. Fingers crossed really hard on the most amazing piece of amazing you'll ever see if it goes through.

I cried my heart out. My sister called me just before work on Monday to tell me my mom was in the hospital. After spontaneously busting into uncontrollable tears for a good 40 minutes, I finally got it under control to figure out what the heck is wrong. We still don't know. We should know more tonight and surgeries are being scheduled and as my sister told her 12 year old son (I quote) "Grandma is going to the hospital and all you can do is pray for her". Now. some folks would call that crash and cold and callous. it's just my sister and her son knows her well. He's okay, she's okay we're all okay. No use worrying over what my uber religious sister has more than got covered. I'm just saying is all.

I miss you terribly. And you know who you are. Hope your sister is well. I need a good laugh and I've got more than a few to share. You know you miss me too. Just admit it. Don't make me fly to Fairbanks...

My husband is better than your's. mine saved all the emails we've ever sent to each other. Including the original missive I sent to him that started this all. Something about wondering if he was REALLY all that atypical of a white boy. To which he responded with a request for a list of crimes I had in progress that I might need assistance with as he perfected his plot for world domination. I'm just least it wasn't in our vows (smile...that was cute S&C). But I digress. With those emails, he created a book for me with all our correspondence leading up to our wedding. He's amazing with the cute little thoughtful gifts he gives me. Cause Lord knows I can go and just buy the expensive stuff (smile). All said, I need to take him to dinner and get our cake. With the finger crossing gig above...we're holding off on that a little bit.

In a nutshell.


Tamany said...

My grandmother once told Robert that "a marriage isn't what you look forward too, but what you look back on, because you never know until you're on the other side of it how its going to turn out." damn gran had it right, I am glad to see it stuck. Sounds like a wonderful gift, the book I mean.

jerseytjej said...

^That was an excellent vicarious trip and even better advice! I hope your sister is not named Steph cause that SURE sounds a lot like MY sister! Grattis on the one year anniversary!