Friday, June 05, 2009

Holy goodness


Evidently, all I have to do is a giveaway on my other blog to get ya'll to come out of lurkdome and even sign up to follow me through the gates of...well...I'm not so sure that hoarding is really a sin. Okay. Justifying ridiculousness IS so...we'll move on.

Since the giveaway fun worked so well on the other blog, I figured I should use this whole "social liberal media" thing (giggle...I'll stop, I promise) to promote an even MORE AMAZING opportunity than The Great Thicker Hunt of 2009. Yes. I am done with the scrap references. Now let's move on to technology. Fun technology at that.

I admit it. I loved a Wii. Like no other. Heck, I had a Wii themed birthday party for my thirtysomethingcoughcoughahem last year. Cause my hubby is a huge gamer (xbox in his case...he wouldn't be caught dead playing Wii which is why we have to play DDR2 in the friggin dark with all the windows shuttered), and he wanted to share the love. But get that I said loved. As in past tense. Because aside from blogging and scrapbooking (and we know how regularly I blog) I don't really stick with much of anything for more than about 24 days. I know.

However, Nintendo is determined to change that for me. And for you too.

If you're a local gal, hit me up with your email address if you want in. There will be an amazing shindig in Seattle (including valet parking, tasty adult beverages and fun like you never knew you could have - again...) on June 18. I know, short notice for you busy busy people, but because I do nothing but melt silently away most nights, I figure it should work out.


Because I'm a tease, I leave you with this. You have to send me your email addy to get on the list and space is a tiny bit limited, but hey...for you...I'll make an exception (smile).

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T said...

So miss tech guru, when are you going to follow me back on Twiter?